My therapist hinted at my going in the right direction by teaching me about cortisol, and I don’t know why medications are necessary (seems drastic). But I guess I’m probably also forgetting how drastic my health was. Things seem to be improving.

I still don’t know where psychic influence comes from. How can someone ping me when they haven’t actually pinged me. How can someone say something without moving a muscle? It doesn’t make sense. ESPECIALLY people who would never pull that shit on me, who I trust. What the fuck is this shit?

See why I’m always distressed?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck I sent, in other news, a message to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing services to see if my poem would be accepted or not. It’s very liberal, like almost advocating terrorism liberal.

Wish me luck! =-)

throw in a nose haven’t had one of those for a while

boundaries I am not willing to redraw

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