I feel like I symbolize standing up to bullies against mental illness and all bullies. No such thing as a troll, trolling around is good fun. Just bullies. Cyberbullies.

Once I realize that…

My shape is atrocious. I can’t do even stuff that doesn’t require great shape anymore. I get tired doing like, nonexercise things. Fuck. I’m fucked. I have to optimize my algorithms for existence. Wow! Thank you! It’s okay. But I should know by now: You’re a two timer who was programmed with an inefficient algorithm. Too bad.

What am I saying?

I blog because it keeps me off the substances.

I need to play tennis with brother this weekend.

I know what i mean and I write this for me which means I don’t have to clarify.

But I still have my ways.

Sorry I’ve been quite not my self for many eyars. But part of it has been forced upon me. I hope you can see that. i understand my life is horrifying but there is no need to be afraid.

You can know even if others do not.

Even if you are not inspired.

But fate is fate and momentum is momentum.

So it goes.

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