I don’t know what to say. TV time is over. I am just kind of grinding my gears going through the motions now. Blogging. Didn’t do too much poetry beside some editing today. My therapist wants me to do breathing exercises. I can’t. And like muscle relaxation exercises. I can’t, they’re too hard. Everything is […]

Mom’s a flaming hypocrite. She tells me one thing then the opposite. First she’s like don’t do anything just lay down and die then she’s like no be productive and alive. Well make up your mind, fucking whore for which there is no term low enough related to me by misfortune. Jesus fucking Christ I’m […]

It IS, in fact, possible to be SO SENSITIVE that you qualify not only as an ASSHOLE, but as a TOTAL TERD, AND, on top of THAT, as a FULL-BLOWN DUMBASS. Reach for the stars, folks.

I’m so fucking lost. Now that I know it is important to behave appropriately in society, I am like, while standing up for things or at least having a good sense of humor so that things work out alright, easy going and all that, I’m so worried about my psychosis. It kills me and everyone’s […]

How It Go

I feel like I’m filling into my place in life / my life finally. Getting this job meant the world to me. I’m a contractor, so it’s kind of cool, makes me feel cool. Like I’m an adventurer in life, or something. It’s hard to explain but it’s neat for sure. :) And I’m sooo […]

I dont’ knwo what to do. Things are coming along but I still make typos. Style as always, When does it end? The self-sacrific. Isn’t that selfish though? The greater giood means police state. There are too many directions and I don’t know where to go. So I should sit still. But I can’t because […]

Taxes are fucking retarded. I don’t know if what important legal documents were sent to me because living with my family has ruined my organization and my life therefore and I can’t find anything anymore it’s stupid and I need like paperwork to prove I had health insurance and I’m trying to get a new […]

People in the internet must not be doing anything really exploratory, because whenever I have a coding problem, even a little one, no one has stumbled upon it before. I feel like something must be wrong and I am obliged to pore over each and every similar post, not quite like what I need but […]