People in the internet must not be doing anything really exploratory, because whenever I have a coding problem, even a little one, no one has stumbled upon it before. I feel like something must be wrong and I am obliged to pore over each and every similar post, not quite like what I need but close, to glean for clues and try to figure it out on my own, but it never works. Plus I feel like I’ll just get yelled at for not looking here or here or here didn’t these come up in your google serch?

Fuck. It’s stupid. And I’m angry again. And I just woke up. I hope I’m not schizophrenic all day.

I only had 3.5 tabs suboxone yesterday. That’s nice. Is it? I guess the doctors would know. I took my morning meds.

I’m worried, and it would be really stupid, if I couldn’t finish this programming exercise in time for work. I’m working on it this weekend. That would be stupid and ruin my chances at getting future tasks for programming, which I like so much.

Ugh. So much is so stupid. This keyboard is stupid. The internet is stupid. People want to pick a fight with me again? That’s stupid. I’m stupid. It’s tupid.

It’s just stupid.

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