I dont’ knwo what to do. Things are coming along but I still make typos. Style as always, When does it end? The self-sacrific. Isn’t that selfish though? The greater giood means police state. There are too many directions and I don’t know where to go. So I should sit still. But I can’t because I’m anxious.

I just want to publish my second book and release my first on the Nook.


I need a med that treats my craving for cravings. lol jk it’s not a craving for that it’s just a craving for a med that treats cravings. I need a med for that.

Maybe I should tell my therapist. See if they make that. Or psychiatrist.

I’m addicted to nothing in particular, so I need a medication for that.

Suboxone is a good start but it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

I can’t be at rest.

I’m not a monk.

Shouldn’t have to be to relax.

Wish I had friends or someone to share life with. Wow that sounds fucking bromantic and gross. Ew.

Well overall, I’d say…

No go?


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