I don’t know what to say. TV time is over. I am just kind of grinding my gears going through the motions now. Blogging. Didn’t do too much poetry beside some editing today. My therapist wants me to do breathing exercises. I can’t. And like muscle relaxation exercises. I can’t, they’re too hard.

Everything is dirty. People are sex fetishists. Which means they have no value. Such is Darwin’s product, not that he invented it but that he observed it and named it. Ah well.

I miss being alone. People hate me so much, they go out of their way to harass me. This happens often.

It sucks.

People on the internet and my parents, as of late.

It sucks.

I just want to be alone, most of the time. And I can’t get that. I don’t know. I don’t get it. I should explain this to my therapist, with whom I have a meeting at an undisclosed time next week. I made that fun for you, not me, paranoid others. So fuck off. I’d rather yell and teach you how fucking moronic you are just to do it my way than do it you way, jussssst because there’s a hint of “something wrong with this.” The thing is, your argument is, there never was. Well let’s debate this someday.

But I doubt you will ever show your face so there’s that, for starters.


Cuz I wanted a debate.

But I guess that’s just how it goes. YOu claim I am uncivil. Just do it elsewhere, in your own turf. Don’t hack my blog and call me a retard on it. That’s just silly. There’s no point in that but proving a point.

Where was I?

Today didn’t go well. I got a lot of programming for work done but I was psychotic in the evening. I still don’t understand things. People seem to be this or that, and all I ever see are problems. They think they’re so much better than me, and they get away with it. And it always hurts, and nothing ever changes, and no one ever helps, and some people even laugh at that because they think it’s stupid to want justice. So I guess they will be burned at the stake and just like, enjoy it. So that works out.

What else should work out assuming you just keep going long enough…

Yeah nothing. Nothing works out. It’s infinite shame and pain forever.

Oh yeah! Loyalty points. Loyalty points are stupid. People aren’t even friends with each other in America, they’re LOYAL to one another. So like, they can be at odds and sacrifice for one another. Which is noble for some reason? But insanely stupid. Because it’s only gonna shoot them in the foot in the end.

I am figuring out so much tonight. It’s quite pleasant.

So many of you are so wrong utterly utterly wrong about so much in life. I haven’t met someone smarter than me in a long time. And like, anger, yes, anger is a sign of stupidity. So get real. Fuckers. YOU came HERE. Deal with it. If you don’t like it, leave.

Stupid. So fucking stupid.

Check the TOS or something. I don’t get it.

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