I hope I can remember what I came here to discuss. Let me, hold on, give me a second to try to remember (I’m sorry I didn’t get much sleep (which I wholly believe is just an excuse but whatever))…

IF. If. If.

If here’s a deal. Here’s a deal. If the voices went away, BUT I had to give up the power to hear myself think on the inside “on the inside” (whatever that means, we who know know), would I do it.

And that’s awfully tempting but awfully scary. I don’t know if I would accept. I don’t know if I would weasel my way out of the Yes/No pattern there and try to barter.

I want the voices gone (the malicious ones) but I also want, and never don’t want, to be able to think verbally in my mind, because it is so powerful and I just love it. It is love.

So it’s hard. It’s a hard question, and I’d be pressed for time before answering it.

That’s about it.

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