I am in so much pain. Wow.

These psychic Christian fraudsters outside in the cortyard are terrorizing me. I think they’re white nationalists. I don’t know why they’re picking on me but naturally it’s b/c I am mentally ill. So no surprises there.

I figured out how to identify a panic attack early this morning but only while resting. So I guess I need to lie down when not feeling well to check myself.

I have to go to work at 9 to program which I am feeling less and less worried about.

I am so just fucked and not cool. I spent all night yelling at no one in particular on twitter. I think I’m crazy.

I’m so worried.

I don’t notice some things.

Is something wrong?

There are others.

People are so draining and just want to control me. Even family. Even my closest family.

This really isn’t fair.

I’m getting closer. But I’m still dying.

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