I made myself a coffee for comfort and now I think the right move is to post another blog entry for posterity. i don’t like how my brain works but what power do I have over it? =( Trapped… trapped in my own existence…. I’ll leave it at that and try to find something somewhere […]

My psychosis is almost a twisted form of entertainmet. It keeps me busy defending myself. I’ll be increasing my meds dosage tomorrow with my psychiatrist’s approval. Well anyway what I mean is, I don’t have much to do right now and it’s bedtime but not sleepy. Already did so much. Always more, not sure why […]

Asking for Advice vs. Doing It Yourself: Pros and Cons

I am at a crossroads. Without giving away some personal life details (and definitely without giving away any corporate secrets (which am I prioritizing like that? some people might say that says something about me (as does that (oh well, I go, at this point in time (though at other times I definitely haven’t…))))), I […]