Sorry for being abusive. I know none of you read what I say anyway so that’s good. But also you should just leave next time. So some family problems: Baby brother is spoiled and mooching off brother and doesn’t put any effort into life progress for 2 years. He doesn’t get high anymore but he […]

Okay so beyond all this I feel like there is no place I belong. i’m exhausted and I want to be somewhere do something fitting. I want an occupation that fits. I don’t have anything fitting right now. It’s exhausting having to force everything. Life might be giving me a little break in a bit […]

I guess the people that get by by bashing on me (this is most people, I don’t know why) are beneath me. I’ll just ignore them. We’ll see what happens. My skin will thicken, for sure. It may hurt for a bit. But I’ll ignore it. Thanks, the powers that be. For showing me the […]

My mom might have just lost one of our family cars because she didn’t lock it. Dad is going to go insane with fury and rage. Brother will get involved. I will get scarred. Baby brother is safe from all this as he lives elsewhere. At least there’s that. Fuck you. All of you. Family, […]

I forgot what I came here to say. I still get very intense visions (not even) of things and people that I find disturbing. I mean, I’m sorry for people with PTSD. There are things I don’t really want to say because I think everyone is scared of them. I dont’ know. WHo benefits. What […]

No True Meaning

My therapist is such slime. Wow. I didn’t realize this until now. All Christians and Republicans are just getting worse and worse. American escaped narrowly. It was pretty bad for a while. We were looking at like concentration camps and stuff. I’m glad we’re out of it. The second order of business is figuring out […]

My First Time With the Crazy Old Kratom Lady — It took Kratom 3 years to kill me, and I wrote it all down, day after day. This is my story.

How a corner vape shop owner became the most important woman in my life. So now I’m Googling where to buy Kratom with a frenzy I’d usually reserve for porn searches,(come on – y’all know we addicts love porn, too, it’s a cheap endorphin hit but still a hit). I remember getting the weirdest results. […] […]