I forgot what I came here to say. I still get very intense visions (not even) of things and people that I find disturbing.

I mean, I’m sorry for people with PTSD.

There are things I don’t really want to say because I think everyone is scared of them.

I dont’ know. WHo benefits. What is the point. Chance. Etc.

Im supposed to work on some training for work. I need to ask my senior when after it’s assigned a “No Due Date” training is due (it’s weird).

We’re having an audit soonish. Bleh. I hope I don’t fuck anything up. I don’t even want to be on site that day.

What else…

I guess I’m a writer.



It’s never a good time to end and that bothers me.

I’m just starting to worry about baby brother. Unlike my mother I will take action to help him.

Mom’s a lazy bitch. Jesus fucking Christ. She is so stupid. And causes problems. She worries and doesn’t do anything about it.

I guess many are like that.

What about generalized worry? I have that. I think.

My therapist taught me about depression but I’m not allowed to talk about that because he’s a demon. Anyway he’s a disturbing person and he’ll probably be upset to see me next time. Sigh.

Don’t like how life is a perpetual joke.

No I just mean, did it seem like a good time to stop the post?

Were you going for something else?

I can’t hear you that well.

I guess I have to accept my psychosis for now.

Working more should destress me. Blogging is not so effective. I’ve some data on that. Crude data.

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