Sorry for being abusive. I know none of you read what I say anyway so that’s good. But also you should just leave next time.

So some family problems: Baby brother is spoiled and mooching off brother and doesn’t put any effort into life progress for 2 years. He doesn’t get high anymore but he also hasn’t changed.

I don’t think he sees a doctor.

Soooo brother might I don’t know stop paying his rent, or move in with him so he doesn’t have to live with father and me and mother (father is abhorrent, I had my chances I guess, mom is a debbie downer and a nag).

Brother and baby brother might live together but stay out of one another’s way. I hope that works out. But I think baby brother should live with me and mom (and not dad) b/c I wouldn’t mind paying the house payment for us three. I would encourage baby brother I think pretty well as I am very patient. Having a brain disease teaches you some things. I don’t act it sometimes but y’know. Suits to aces and all that.

The zombies want to eat you alive.

Find that brother does not have a good sense of humor. He likes active intellectual people. So that’s good at least he knows where he fits. And that’s actually great means he’s an awesome person and unfortunately we’re just all dragging him down which is not fair. Once he’s on his own he’ll be doing really well. We just have to believe. I hope nothing ever happens to brother.

Baby brother. No comment.

What else…

I’ve given up trying to solve the problems I’m involved in. I shouldn’t but yeah I just give up fuck you etc.

Let’s stoke some flames.

God I’m getting old I can’t even cause problems with style anymore

That’s nick btw. He’s an ass too.

I dno’t get much me time anymore but hopefully these antipsych pills,t he depakote increase, will help.

Came here for a family update got assaulted.


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