My mom said a very greedy thing just now. I told her it’s really difficult, the last few days, being psychotic, and she says it’s even harder for her to watch. In this tone of voice. Really selfish. And uncaring. Disappointing. Would’ve wanted to talk to her but I guess that’s fine.

So for work today I will have to try to, once again, get an algorithm work to analyze some data. It’s already been analyzed by another algorithm that my coworker came up with sooner. He has two sons and they’re autistic. I don’t really have qualms about saying mean things that don’t hurt anyone. Hmm. […]

Loud & Proud?

What happened last night? Perhaps my most outgoing and noisy psychotic episode to date. Holy Jesus. I apologize to anyone I frightened and disturbed. PS: My father’s a narcissistic ass.