So for work today I will have to try to, once again, get an algorithm work to analyze some data. It’s already been analyzed by another algorithm that my coworker came up with sooner. He has two sons and they’re autistic.

I don’t really have qualms about saying mean things that don’t hurt anyone.


Mom is probably angry at me for no reason again.

I’m glad it’s Friday.

Brother can’t wait to move out.

I’m looking for any change whatsoever.

Dad will help me get prequalified for a housing loan. I now have a paystub. And some tax receipts or whatever they’re called. English is such a toilsome language. Takes so long to say so little. It’s stupid, for sure. And the queen gets insulted if you fuck her in the ass over a cum dumpster. But she deserves it because she’s just a piece of garbage!

Anyway brexit or whatever. As an american (it’s unfortunte) I care neither way.

I like being right about thing so knowing something about the issue would help. But I also don’t care because no one threatened me yet.

I usually take action once someone threatens me or my livelihood.

Modern capitalism. Keeps the economy chugging.

Mom would disapprove of this blog post. Which is why I don’t share it with her. She’s a prude.

I don’t feel like saying anything else because ghost baby brother just showed up and he’s a fag.

Cuss you all.

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