NaPoWriMo is over so that’s good. Phew. We’re out of milk so I can’t eat cereal. Brother gets unreasonably angry. =( Mom, I know all there is to know about her, or, at least, I know all I will ever know about her. As far as she has anything to do with it. Hmm. Need […]

I’d study more data science coursweork notes interent notes material etc. u no but with my mothers and her mothers ghosts on me, on my shoulders. I dont really want to I want a break. Theyre this is too hard.

My mother has huge fucking personality problems. Wow. And she is willing to kill to cover them up. Fuck. I don’t know what to say.

I get the sense that my family utterly fucking hates me. All of them,. Of course I have no human rights anymore, including the right to a fair trial with evidence from my side, because I’m mentally ill, so I guess I can’t prove it, which means better not fucking even sigh in their direction […]

Today was a shitshow

I want for a hike (an actual one, about 4 miles up and down hill through some redwood forests) and had psychosis before we even left. It was a nightmare. Everyone I met along the way was a total piece of shit, my family made me feel terrible, and I had no evidence any of […]