I get the sense that my family utterly fucking hates me.

All of them,.

Of course I have no human rights anymore, including the right to a fair trial with evidence from my side, because I’m mentally ill, so I guess I can’t prove it, which means better not fucking even sigh in their direction (that would be an accusation and might get my fucking dick chopped off (good riddance, most useless male organ component)).

What am I saying.


I have to go to work on Monday. Now my manager is spying on me. I can never get time alone. Now she’s guilt tripping me because she spied on me.

What is wrong with these people.

You show up unannounced, I WILL pay attention to you.



You are ALL garbage.

And I have no faith in humanity.
What’s the best way to say that, though, y’know?

It’s the technicalities that count,.

Or whatever.

Long live our robot overlords.

In case the planet survives that long.

Jesus Fucking Christ,


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