Brother is a faggedy fuckass bitch who retaliates (he will find out I said this and hold it against me) and I used to be less afraid to simply speak of things I thought. Now, the translation from thought to word seems criminal. Dunnit.

There’s something drastically wrong with the way I’m acting, this, now. Acting soft. Having my family depend one me, having them get used to relying on me. They should learn to be self-reliant and I can’t fuck with that or they’ll die horrifying deaths. And it will be my fault. Not that it matters whose […]

Someday Laziness will not be tolerated Procrastination will not be accceptable And I and my kind will be exterminated Someday My lifestyle Will be gone ,,,

I just wanted to say, before my mental illness warps my mind for the day, that things are okay. I have a loving family, my birth family not a new one, but still, I’m being cared for by the medical system, I have the ability to wok and earn my own end’s meet, and i […]