I talked to mom and rested a bit. Still, I have to be picky and concise with my words. What did I mean to say. I can’t believe I forget things so easily. This is appalling… I’m very cranky and don’t have the energy for much. I can’t believe so many people who don’t even […]

So I guess my point is, when you live alone or are by yourself you can only write, whereas with others you can talk, which is easier, requires less effort. And I mean you can talk when you’re by youself but now my mom has to sleep so no noise. So I don’t have the […]

We encountered an unruly, useless, what would be the word… sort of disheveled and just dirty filthy language, bad taste, in no good taste whatsoever, on the verge of violent and belligerent, sort of, fellow, today, at our poetry meetup. And my grammar has gone to the shitter. Writing is so much more pleasant when […]

I need something. I need drugs or something. Cravings. Like some sort of caffeine or some good stuff. The right food. Nutrition. Vitamins. Healthy activities, sports, exercise. I’m not getting something. I am being neglected, because my life is not under my control. And whoever thiks they can handle ti cant. And someone, I can […]

So we end with a topic after all

I’m glad I don’t have any motivation going into this post. I’ve needed a freeform one for a while. I wonder how my family thinks and relates to the clatter of my fingers on my keyboars. I imagine i’s quite loud. Spellcheck is off, champions. I don’t want to. I don’t want to do it. […]

Can’t spell authoritarian without author

I’m about to offer some positive reinforcement, some encouragement. They say, “No, not you,” as if I am evil. As if my reputation is so bad that being supported by me hurts. In a neutral platform. Where art is art and writing is writing and media is media. Well what can I fucking say. Holy […]

I’m deciding which USB switch to buy to use my sexy curved monitor for my work laptop from home. Because I multitask “home chores” and work tasks. Don’t we all. No excuses! What else is human… I forgot what I was saying. What was I saying? Now I don’t care… So yeah, a lot of […]