I like, I like to think, that, people, who dislike me, or are put off by me, will simply stay out of my way.

I always feel there is the shadow of some confrontation on my doorstep.

It’s strange. Being a paranoid person is strange.

I want peace.

I guess the way I talk is not peaceful.

I get these impulses that don’t feel like mine.

They feel like they belong to others.

And they are more damaging than my words.

Which makes me think many are hypocrites.

But. The thing with paranoia, is, in reality, people deny it.

“Those impulses aren’t real.”

Well I wont’ talk about it too much.

It seems inappropriate to even link to blog.

I wouldn’t have done that.

But I guess he likes taking risks.

Or didn’t bother to check ahead.

What my content is.

(It’s repulsive.)

I don’t know.

There’s never a good way to end these.

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