I just don’t feel like talking to anyone or looking or reading or anything any of my messages DMs emails incomings etcs because everyone is a yell at me.

Oh fuck Im dizzy what i


Ok so I’m hiding in my office and I’m getting dizzy so I might die. I am on some pills those could kill me I guess.

I know how to call 911 but I also know how to suffer miserably because calling 911 is expensive and inconvenient.

Every American has this skill, actually.

So I suppose.

The reader is wisening up. To the fax. This is nice. I just don’t appreciate the attitude. Give me back the peaceful reader. Give me back what I had when I was younger.

It’s not even about love.

Well anyway.

Yes I have more to say.

But don’t I always.

No really,

it never stops.

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