I need something. I need drugs or something. Cravings. Like some sort of caffeine or some good stuff. The right food. Nutrition. Vitamins. Healthy activities, sports, exercise. I’m not getting something. I am being neglected, because my life is not under my control. And whoever thiks they can handle ti cant.

And someone, I can just tell, someone wants to fight. We never would. But we were on the verge to fighting, to an outsider. None of us would say that we were. Except that all of us would. The first time I was there.

I won’t bother with the useless things like, “None of this makes any sense, ” or “I don’t understand…”. The useless dramatic stuff. I don’t even want to use quotes because reaching them on this German keyboard is too much effort.

I didn’t work enough today. I feel guilty about it.

I don’t know how to do things. Specific things.

I need something. I need drugs.

Or maybe I need something but don’t know what it is. Drugs are nice though. I do need drugs.

Make drugs legal plz.

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