I talked to mom and rested a bit. Still, I have to be picky and concise with my words.

What did I mean to say. I can’t believe I forget things so easily. This is appalling…

I’m very cranky and don’t have the energy for much. I can’t believe so many people who don’t even know me hate me. This is a total violation of privacy.

On the flip side, if this is a delusion, I’m making a fool of myself. It’s an anonymous identity, but the anonymous identity myself.

I have work tomorrow. I hope I can focus.

I hope I can sleep tonight.

I really want more coffee but dad is on the sofa asleep and I want to be nice to him. I don’t want to wake him up. He just came from England. It’s not an important trip. Wasn’t.

Maybe I’ll just go for it.

What do you think?


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