And here we rest

My company’s documents department emailed me, to conclude a conversation we were having, saying that I should strive to complete all training as soon as possible, not merely before the deadline. I guess they have their reasons.

So that reprioritizes things a bit. I should finish some useless training now instead of working on a useless script.


No I’m joking they’re both very important, don’t go to a capitalist rally and firebomb my window now!


But working from home is very nice. I love not being spied upon! (This is my PC btw.)

I would never (now that I’m at my 2nd job) use my work laptop to go no wordpress and say the things I say. I’m abhorrent.

In sum.


What else…

I need to join an online meet and greet on here at some point. I don’t have enough engaged followers to host my own. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and be opportunistic about it.

Gosh this keyboard is made in Germany but IT SUCKS. So much for European quality. *sarcastic thumbs up*

What I came here to tell you, though…

*the wind stills*

*chirping decreases*



I have to, I have to, read, some coder forums.

For advice.



I know!

But not stackoverflow.

The forums are specific to the language because the language is rather uncommon, though perhaps not in corporate?

Eh it varies by industry.

Our industry we specialize in other things, are trained in non-computer sciences, so we just buy the software that does the graphing and statistics for us easily, without us programming it too hard. I’m still finding myself doing a fair bit of programming. Which I love!



I am scarred by previous interactions with coder forums, being yelled at and stuff, being called an idiot etc.

Abused and bullied, and the system enforcing it, encouraging it, basically.

So like, I am scarred and don’t want to go back to this one. They’ll just bully me again, I say to myself…

I’m too sensitive, and it gets in the way of the job…


I have to get over it and read what they said.

Undoubtedly it’s professional and helpful.

Or at least, the former.

Or neither.

That’d be fine too.

I have to be okay with whatever.

I have to be less emotional.

But so far, I’m not.

And here we rest.

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