So we end with a topic after all

I’m glad I don’t have any motivation going into this post. I’ve needed a freeform one for a while. I wonder how my family thinks and relates to the clatter of my fingers on my keyboars. I imagine i’s quite loud. Spellcheck is off, champions.

I don’t want to. I don’t want to do it. I still prefer the long form classical correct NOT STUPID edition, but I guess some like pressuring me into the otherwise.

Oh well. Blind and then skip the first good thing to reach the second better thing.

Itg’s too convoluted. Complicated.

Mountains though.

I can’t write, I’m too threatened. I need to take care of my life right now. If i indulge in luxury someone might shoot me iwth a gun.

I need to watch out.

This neighborhood isn’t safe because gun violence is a threat in america.

I hope the shitheads who like shooting people can figure out their problems without shooting people.


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