This keyboard is making me better at typing. There are people out there who have plans for me. Nice people. I think. I shouldn’t be upset if I’m not where I wish to be yet. I mean I should be there by now. I don’t know why I’m not.

Yeah okay so anyway, dad just got me some souvenirs from England.

Boring, I know.

Terrorism is at an all-time high in London. I can tell because Dad had a good time on his vacation.

So it goes.


I love you.

What else…

It never stops. So I shouldn’t either. It was a problem with my attitude all along. For some reason I thought I needed to cut it short and prompt and fit my ticket to the bill. But really, the contract states that in open waters you ought to fill what you kill. Which is manslaughter.

It’s not crude.


Harping. On different topics.

I don’t really know how many people claim to know the secret identity of this account. It’s kind of weird.

One relevant question that came to mind earlier was: Hold on let me try to remember…

As always with the forgetfulness…

Nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

I guess my father will never stop being abusive. I’m 32 and he still hasn’t been reported for anything.

Oh this is neat and perks me up: The authorities are legally obliged not to do anything unless someone complains. Explicitly. So that’s like, there’s some laissez-faire in it. Fuck off, Nishant.

Hmm what else…

I guess one way to get “closer” in spirit to someone you’re interested in for reasons, human reasons, nonsexual reasons, is to experience similar to what they’ve experienced things. Without the drugs.

So what I am saying is that is all.

I have been through such bad experiences.

I guess my dad get’s a polite tut on the wrist by I don’t know who every time he sends a psychic shock into my neuropathic center. Hmm. Abuse of the mentally ill at its finest. Well anyway he’ll probably jump off a bridge for fun someday.

I will be conflicted but not waste time on it.

Brother disagrees.

It’s unfortunate.

I have a lot to say. A lot of interesting stuff that all of you who are obsessed with me but in denial about it haven’t heard yet. And I’m never going to get to all of it.

So I mean, like, I just won’t say it all.

And you’re worse off.

But I don’t think you can understand that.

Can you?

I really, I have better things to do now.

Blog is no longer a priority.



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