Polished Refusal to be Even as Social as a Nerd–Yes, More Awkward Than That, Crazy, In fact

My blog is still my special place compared to my twitter account, but for some reason it’s harder to type on my blog. Do I need a new keyboard? =O

And I forget what I was going to say more.

All in all communication is harder here.

Which is sad, because it’s also more important to me. And everyone. For sure. Because I know you, Ed. I know you.

I’m going to be fired for a lack of social skills.

Not for a lack of technical skill.

In the sciences.

That says something.

Doesn’t it.


I’m so angry.

I get bullied, THEY get the money.

Mafia. All capitalism is organized crime. It’s no way or another.

That’s just how it is.

We need a new system.

I want to read about this but reading is hard.

And so here I am, blogging instead of programming in JMP.

Because the educational materials are lacking.

There’s always a reason not to do something, someone once said.

And then they said But!~ [something positive]

I’ll just slice it and take the first half of their statement.



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