You people have no sense of humor. Telling me I am too silly by throwing me in fucking prison or Guantanamo is a little steep, dumb shits.

I want to say, “Long live Guantanamo” as a joke.

Some people don’t like that.

The people don’t like that have the authority to throw me in prison.

This is all very terrible.

My addiction doctor is preaching a whole fucking lot, and my mom is just a dumb.

They’re both pretty terrible but I don’t want to put them on the same height pedestal as one another.

I’m really angry with the authoritarianism going on and how much fucking evil there is in everyone in my social network. Father is a demon, flat out. Brother is lucky he got away. Baby brother too.

I can’t live like this. The parents are gonna hvata rot on their own and die demented. They’re too much work.

Or would that land me in prison, too, land of penitentiary?

I am so fucking ashamed of this country.

My addiction doctors is just such a lowlife. Wow,

‘This post could go on Tolstyoy-length but I obviously don’t have the time for that, so whoever expected otherwise is a nice happy little romantic who better watch out about getting shot down with rockets.


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