Now for a smaller community: Not the government or international authoritarian dictatorships (Russia, China, the Mideast, N. Korea etc.–basically the folks who are gonna start WWIII.), but itself.

What to say…

The people on here are nice.

But I’ve noticed they are perpetually judgmental of me and misguided of my intent. Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you.

A lot of you have cogent, logical or poetic posts. It’s nice. You’re all very normal and good. Some of you may consider yourselves weird. No comment.

Am I a part of this community? I have an account. That’s all that really qualifies you. There’s no such thing as “the WP community” anyway. It’s made up.

Write for yourself, rock on, etc.

Now I’m going to get in trouble by the all-knowing unknown other for no reason but that I write more…

I am glad there are others on here. I’m glad they’re in better places in life than me. So I have hope. So I can see what normal life is like. So I can see the beauty in the day-to-day, vicariously.

There’s some stuff for me to relate to. I have some form of self-diagnosed ADHD, so, there’s that. I can’t always relate, because the tempo of some of your guys’ writing is too slow for my ADHD. Hmm. Yeah.

What else…

I don’t know.

No real conclusion. No real point.

Address your issues. Have a good time. Take a break. A real one. Sometimes sacrifices are necessary. Pain is a reality. You get over it.

That’s all.

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