I get it. WordPress might be eyeing me for being borderline against the User Guidelines – Support — WordPress.com.

I get it. I agree with their guidelines. I wasn’t sure where people stood.

I got this overwhelming feeling that there was this malicious force just trying to fuck me over left and right (there it is again, cringing at my swear word, and now it’s going to punish me or something completely criminal (seems to be my mom, actually…)).

Whatever the paranoia demons are up to, that’s illegal. It’s being dealt with. I have a psychiatrist and a therapist and other doctors. Fuck you my medical expenses are high, yes I have other doctors. I know it’s not fair. Still fuck you.

If I get banned from this site for saying “Fuck you” over and over… that’s completely fine by me. Way better than going to prison for swearing at a blank wall of drying pain (which is in essence what I am doing). Stop it. Don’t smile. Stupid. Go to hell.

What was I saying…

There are other places more tolerant of the idea that you gotta do what you gotta do and people know how to draw rational boundaries, and that there ARE differences in culture that take a while to understand. Safety is not always that easy. See my mom just wet her conservative Russian fucking pants again at that thought. Fucking bitch. And dad’s getting involved. This is all psychic, by the way.

I won’t try to break the TOS. But it’s better to be kicked out than to be in prison. So if you have to report me before the cops get to me, PLEASE, do so. I don’t know how that makes sense but it does.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now. I don’t see as yelling and being a bitch against races and sexes on your personal space (like for example, in the middle of your own living room at a reasonable volume) (oops no I meant on my blog) a problem. But apparently some people want ME not to do that, while they would undoubtedly harass me in other ways.

This is all very nice but in the end I’ll likely just get a lawyer lose and be done with it.

Fuck off, all of you. You’re so stupid.

Jesus fucking christ. I don’t even care how good a time I could be having at the moment.

Ever heard of taking a dump, retards?

Got when did humanity get so weak. This is not good.


Now my mom’s pissed at me because it’s her fault that she’s pissed at me because I told her I was blogging and then she asked probing questions to get answers that instigated her anger regardless of what I would’ve said. She’s going to tell brother and he’s going to yell at me.

I don’t have a life. Other people own me. Being schizoaffective is being a slave to society.

It fucking suck.

I don’t even want anything.

I just want to be left alone.

I never feel safe. I would like to feel safe

Should I move?

I can’t, just fyi.

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