My Only Actual Handicap

Unfortunately, I have a feeling WordPress has made a back-alley deal with a 3rd world government terrorist organization feigning as a police authority to the extent that, basically, they are telepathically allowed to beam my blog posts with a crypto hash of my human ID (unique to my soul) on it (true and correct) to people who I love so that they can think much much less of me and even become enemies with me on the inside. This is fire demon magic.

Twitter didn’t work out too well.

If I deviate from “The Script”, i.e., what WordPress or those police state terrorist governments want me to say on here, I will be punished. There are no limits too how severe. It could be torture, it could be life, it could be death, it could be my friends, it could be my family. This is why some of my friends and family don’t want to either know me anymore or for me to blog on here anymore.

I’m in the US so this is a tricky situation. I’m a citizen, but, that doesn’t seem to protect me all too well. I use a VPN, which also doesn’t seem to help, but not the Tor internet network (I probably should learn how to, despite its being a HUGE hassle).

I’m not sure what to say. There are psychic voices kind of cluing me into how badly the forces that be want to hurt me, and I have to watch out.

But I’d rather die free.

I just wish my mom weren’t in the way.

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