Wow. Things got bad really quick. I’m starting to get these outbursts of anger. I had to wake up my mom. She has to go to work because she needs to save her afk time for our vacay in Octosquad.

And I’m just having these outbursts of anger.

Wow it’s scary.

It’s all on the inside. It’s all repressed. I bet no one can tell.

It’s a vicious cycle. I tell my mom, she gets worried, I get panicked–it makes no sense. Why is she like this. I’m just keeping her informed like she asked and she freaks out at me. It’s so unreasonable.

I can’t believe I have to take care of her into her old age.

Oh well.

So I took a klonopin (1 pill, what, Dr.? What? am I doing something wrong? Here to distract me again?)


dosage is what I was going for but the doctor won’t let me say it.

HE is keeping my records confidential.

I guess that makese… sense. I don’t know.

I can sense everyone’s anger, irrationality, stupidity, and just evil inhumanity, and this is not a good place to exist. Let me tell you. West Coast USA is not a good place to exist. =(

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