Oh yeah, the other shitty thing is, I’ve had a hard week, mostly b/c of my mental illness, which I’m still so conflicted about talking about because OTHER people made a big deal about talking about it, victim and bully alike, and I was all out of the way smart-like, and…

I don’t have any activities I like, so how am I supposed to relax, after a terrifying week, WITH full-time work (-10 hours off due to sickness, mind you). I’m a contractor, it’s fun, I won’t qualify for a house loan until I’m permajob as it turns out =/ but that makes me comfortable too. The lenders know what they’re doing it turns out. Or at least ours does.

I lose track of my train of thought and I can’t help but think it’s brain damage from all the pot (many years ago…) and other stuff. It’s so sad. A bald eagle shows up and what now?


Lost my train of thought again.

I don’t know! What am I supposed to be doing! My mom releases her psychic fury at me, just like dad, and I can’t take it, it reduces my HP to 0! They both have insane Psychic Attack! And I don’t have the defenses for it! What do I do!?

I am so helpless…

When will this end?

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