I don’t know…

But I mean the point is I don’t know what to do for the rest of the night. I’m off for the weekend and I’m not allowed to have anymore coffee b/c it aggravates my paranoia (I’m a schizophrenic, fyi to those who didn’t yet know). My best friend is having this psychic passive aggressive collusive fight with my mother at me. People who are out of the picture are out of the picture. Which is a huge success all around.

I wish I could solve problems. I just can’t.

I would conclude this blog post and it would be really really really perfect, but also short and I wouldn’t be able to… I wouldn’t… how to say this. I would have to find something else to do.

I really want that coffee…

Ah, the voices.

It’s okay. If something hurts we can just not talk about it. Even if it’s stupid simple, you retard.

I’m in my comfort zone putting people down. So I make up imaginary ones to do so. Unfortunately they fought back. I would never do so to real ones.

It’s confusing, but only to a retard.

It’s not at all confusing.

What to say…

I just have to do my French lesson tonight and study more data science.

Game design is on the back burner. I think I made a non-legal contract (compare to an “illegal” contract) with a music producer for the game. Wow! Cool!

So the point is–not to cut in or anything–not that I have problems with the neighbors or like psychology, but with the reality that is in the way. The stuff that I should be able to control that I should complain about do something about and…

Never mind.

I have problems and people are those.

The neighbors are not a problem but dad is!

Let’s just put it that way…

What was I talking about?

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