I don’t really know where to go for entertainment at the moment. Twitch isn’t doing it. Spotify neither.

Being too negative will land me in trouble with the thought police so I must be careful.

Reading is the ultimate solution at the moment. But I don’t like any of my books and I have so many. Am I so out of touch with my own tastes? It’s sad. I also need to get a library card, or rather, something about the library system won’t let me log into it to borrow books for my kindle. I need to reset my id or password. Something like that. I don’t know. But I’d have to go in person, they don’t do it (fuck each other in the genitals, I mean) over the internet. Which means driving hassle hassle yum. maybe tomorrow Saturday? I can’t believe I talk like that and it is legitimate. You know me by now you know what it sounds like. New language. New English. Yum.

I’m a fat-ass. I have to exercise so much.

Or not.

Just start jogging. I just have to jog 10 min a day thru the neighborhood. I fucking LOATHE jogging. Wow. Life’s hard.


Conclusions: Continue the uphill fight to conquer depression and reach jogging. Get library card or whatshitever tomm. (?). Kill all thought police. Maybe some real ones too. Find way to entertain self until mom gets home at 8 am Pacific.

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