I need some snacks or some yummy or shit. I need som yumy. What are all these facts people are raping me with. What. Even. I don’t like you. That’s a fact. But what about like why Are you making it seem like I”m in business And don’t have the way of mind to be […]

Fucking religious christ believers are the enemy. They come in peace. No they don’t. They are enemies. I will be nice. I wno’t fight. But they will. They will hate me and damage me. I guarantee. Just watch. They are evil. They will be. I won’t move a finger and they will chop it off. […]

I don’t know Nick must be mentally handicapped or something if he can’t keep up with the pace of the conversation. Look, it’s very simple…

I need something. Something from the nordic place. Something from europe. Something american culture can’t even fucking fathom it’s so fucking peanut-brained… and peanut-hearted, and peanut-souled. =| I need it. Bad. I haven’t made any art lately. Making art is something that I need. It classifies in this thing that I need. The nords are […]

Oh I guess there was a Wallace and Grommit game for PS2. Not very cool but the nerds will like this find. Also nick spies on me when I look at porn. Anyone who knows me does. Then the hentai stalks me and makes shadows and silhouattes on the walls after I’m done watching/reading to […]

Everyone’s ass leap (fucking lamest state of existence) and I need a coffee. Yes, I am, in fact, still getting over my alcohol dependency. I can tell because I, on like 4 medications, and nono on the alcohol, could go for a beer. What is stupidity: Answer: Me is stupidity. Or whatever is cool. I […]

It’s funny. I don’t really have much community actually. I need like visitors and places to visit. But neither exist or seem to. Immediately the accusations. Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou and as if you were right all along chop your balls of–oh, good, he’s been decapitated. Well, whoever did that, thank you. I hope there’s proof.

I don’t know how much progress I made tonight. Someone else’s sighs make me want to slice my wrists. But some people just want to slice their wrists. I have to man dude I always forget that there are people who are suicidal even without being beaten down by others. It’s a fascinating problem. I […]