Well I guess I wonder whether to delete the obscene posts on my personal blog now or not. Hmm hmm.

I also am supposed to go for a walk with baby brother and brother and mother through the park, but I loathe doing so typically, so, I don’t want to? I mean I would whine like a baby if they made me. Really, I ought to be more mature but I’m not. I’m just not.

This keyboard really exercises my fingers. Wowza.

Sigh. But on the plus side, it gives me pause and makes me think.

No, Jonny, that’s a good thing. Quiet is good!

I have so much and yet so much missing. Don’t tell me what, I wouldn’t know what it is. Sanity, yeah, in the evenings, sanity for sure.

I doubt anyone would be interested in my raving. But eh. I try.


Shit. I was supposed to talk with mom after that last sub. Ugh annoying, sublingual is. Why can’t I just swallow it again? Medicine. The magic of.

I’m going to go make another coffee, the only thing I enjoy in my life.

I had some intense dreams last night. Without lasting impressions, which is somewhat of a crime, they were so vivid.



Whichever you choose.

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