I don’t want to talk to anyone but I’m so fucking codependent though. It’s an oxymoron that just fucks me in the ass and it’s so effing shitty I don’t know what to do. In hell. I really don’t.

I feel so light, but like I could die any moment. It’s the meds. For sure. It’s the meds. I’ve never felt this way before. Drugged but healthy. Hmm. Mmm.

Dad’s on the sofa downstairs, mom’s in bed in her room next door. Brothers are elsewhere, they don’t live here anymore.

I know you want to dig into me with a knife but leave it.


You don’t know how many enemies I have. Line up at least.

Show some civility.

I always have to stop my blog posts for aesthetic reasons. Keeps me bottled up. It’s another strategy of the state to keep me unhappy with my life.

Don’t move here. Earth is shit. America is shit. I don’t know of ANYWHERE that isn’t, actually.


Well somehow we made it out of there alive, didn’t we.

Women’s genitalia remind me of Drosophila (fruit flies). All crotches, all people, are ugly. Clothed athletes are about the only attractive humans in existence. Not many of those.

Fuck off.

Why so many people feel the need to speak over me. In my own space. I have a gun. I’m’a shoot you. And you know who’s going to prison? My mom. Cuz the cops.

What if they didn’t know you weren’t serious?

There’s gotta be a way to explain without being a douche.

But that’d just be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?


I don’t know why so many people hate me so irrationally, for no reason.

Get lives, dumb fucks.

Need I repeat myself?


Which part, right, yeah, I know. Jesus.

Relish the peace! =D

I doubt it’ll last long, though. So many out to get me.


What have we accomplished really, though…

Even some of the ones who want to hunt me down, want to help me still want to hunt me down make noise ruin my life anyway they’re so stupid don’t want to hurt me no shh shh I know I know but please leave me alone anyway God damn it.


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