Everyone’s ass leap (fucking lamest state of existence) and I need a coffee.

Yes, I am, in fact, still getting over my alcohol dependency. I can tell because I, on like 4 medications, and nono on the alcohol, could go for a beer.

What is stupidity:

Answer: Me is stupidity.

Or whatever is cool.

I have to be cool at all costs and my baby brother hates that in me except I never even realized it. Hmm.

Oh well.

I need a place to exist.

Or just I need to fucking learn to read a lot better than I can rn so I can lay in bed and read late into the night so I can fall asleep and have something to do.

I guess porn until then.

Ugh. Every time I look at porn my parents psychically spy on me.

They’re the lowest slime someone shoot them.

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