Failure, in the end, after a good run

I need to. I need to. Remember what it is I was going to say.


I need to learn to read. Not what I was going to say.

I need something in my life. Not what I was going to say but more important so we’ll roll with it.

Fuck you, Twitch. Everyone on your website is a fucking whore who wants to stab me in the back and is just a christ fucking piece of trash garbage deserves to be incinerated.

I need some entertainment or hobbies in my life. I need fewer curses on my person/soul. For sure.

The nords are right. Ard vyej nlyjdor fyorlen. Fy.

Haha I’m jj.

Wait, am I Nordic and adopted?!


I am not happy with life. Beyond all this psychotic nonsense, I am also just not happy with life.

This is what I need. How do I get it? Who do I pay to get this?:

2 hours of tennis a day.

I don’t want to play.

But I have to.

To feel alive.

How do I do this if I don’t want to?

This is so weird.

Sports are tricky.

I mean a pickup soccer team is probably the most valuable thing I could add to my life right about now. After covid is over, this better happen.

I wonder what happened to everyone who played pickup sports during covid.


Did they get wrekt?

This. What I mean. What I steal. From you. This here. In the water. In the air. We breath. It is part of the sheep. It is in the hay. It is in the eyes. It is yellow, yes, but not gray. There are others.

I love this. I would love this. But now I have to rescue it. From my own country.

American defeated the Nords. Now i have to rescue the Nords from America.

Because America is evil. And Ren and Stimpy is evil. And that is the art that is evil that is stepping on my food. I need it to live.

Why does everything have to be how you like it.

Big Brother problems. What can say.

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