I need to chill relax realize it’s okay not to blog everything also WHY ARE YOU IN MY WAY are accidents really that big?

No. See? You’re lying again. You nigger.

Falsifications and axes.

God. So many testicles to chop off. Especially the man-whores.

Where was I going with this one…

liberal language is not a crime.


I miss the innocent days.

I have to focus

If I focus

real hard

on my room

in college

either one will do

2nd semester south dorm

or summer after graduation linde

either one

i will remember what it was like

to have a good life

and maybe i can be trasnported back

and i can have that life


because i dno’t know what force is in my way

but it is fucking powerful

maybe it just IS the brain disease


but yeah gotta learn to chill and not have to blog everything

i’m gonna wander around my room a bit

fuck you, pressure spikes

we need to explain this


but we have no doctors

thank you, team

loyal, silent, and deadly

as always


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