I don’t know if it’s my depressive side acting up, but I contributed to an arts magazine that is a dead end and I find that depressing, the human species is going to go extinct which is depressing, and the universe is going to heat death itself, which is depressing. So like, I find myself very depressed about the state of all existence. And nothing can get me to lighten up. Now’s a good time for a friend but friend’s not there. He doesn’t “like texting”.

I’m also relegated to this really low class stuff, but I think that’s just my psychosis–it’s not actually supposed to sound like that.

I need to fart a lot.

The updates, man. The updates.

Hmm what else…


I want creation and life. Not this death stuff. Why? It’s so sad! D=

Extinction is the saddest.

I have to go to the toilet to sit on it again. I shall be right back one second tyvm.

More time stalling, until the next conclusion.

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