I need to learn not to get so worked up about things. I had a more specific subset than “things” but lost it.

Also I think this blog triggers my psychosis.

Work is either like, you get stuck and sit there with nothing to do, or you get overwhelmed and sit there guilty with too much to do.

There’s never a healthy balance.

At least, there hasn’t been for me!

My life as a capitalist pawn has been atrocious. As has my mother’s and father’s. Dad was a real estate broker for a while so his job was more or less a scam to go on vacation and play tennis with me, go to tournaments, childhood juniors.

Eh. You get what you pay for. Whatever that means.

I have to do my third leg of lab training tomorrow. It shouldn’t be a big deal to me but it is. They didn’t know when hiring me that I hate labwork. They still don’t. It’s my little secret. Because they wouldn’t hire me if they knew.

This is pharmaceuticals. Not everyone’s happy pipetting monkey.

Some of us have brain.

So it go.

Where do new things come from? I think I need a few new things in my life.

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