Eearly Start to Another Fine Day… and Week! (and An Apology From Myself)

Wow man. Am I sorry for all I said to all of you last night. Starting to get a sense of who my followers are. I need to wisen up. I say some nasty things. Geez. *teeth*

But yeah that’s a little soft…

So anyway, a long day of work today, programming, training using some note booking software (that means like, record-keeping).

But no, really, you don’t deserve the words I use. I’m sorry. Even if you think I’m going easy on you. It’s too much. You deserve better.

So yeah. Easy day from home. A video meeting with my group to catch up with everyone (I didn’t really do very much… which never looks good, but I wasn’t expected to =/). Then, tomorrow, I finish leg 3/3 of my in-lab training. That’s right, I work in a science lab! =D

Hahaha aren’t you excited!


I’m just sorry for the low class stuff I put forth.

But then again, it’s just liberal nonsense. You know I’m a terd by now. =P

If only I were putting forth physics equations and machine learning models instead of belligerence and hate. Ahh, wouldn’t that be the life.


How is your day looking? Most of you look like you’re on the East Coast. Hmm.


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