I dont know what I’m doing wrong. I’m not friends with nick anymore. He’s done some sketchy shit. He started me on drugs. He’s not a good person. He continues to do some suspicious stuff. It’s nothing to do with his housing situation. He is just always suspicious. I get bad vibes from him. No offense.

But I dno’t know that now is the time for manners.

PErsonality sure does shine doth it not. Especially wheny oure dull as a board.

God. I am always in so much pain. Hyperbole. I have to go to work tomorrow. Mom’s at work now. Pregnancy seems like a joy ride. I woudl never wish that upon myself. Love doesn’t seem worth suffering.

I guess this is teh simplistic equation mothers putatively have to come to grips with.

Just shooting the shit to pass the neurons away.

Ageing slowly.

Authority figure in my life who abuse me. Some need to leave.

It will take time and be painful but I think I understand now.

I think I understand. Ugh. I dno’t feel to good.

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