I find it kind of impressive that I have so many problems when I do so much to fight them. I write my heart out in my journal here. It’s impressive how many and how large my problems are. I think we can safely say they are more and bigger than the average person’s.

So this diagnosis, though I think off, may be on to something.

I’ve been getting a lot of spirits interfering with my daily today. Maybe that means something. Maybe it doesn’t.

I’m going to work tomorrow. Thank God. I can’t believe I took today off. But I thought I needed more time off. Can you believe that? I’m so stupid. Work is so important for a healthy life. Or at least to pay the bills. I’m sure we’ll disagree on a lot here.

So many of you are so important to me. Please don’t go.

Dinner was taken care of by mother, as usual. I wish to cook a meal eventually but she always sneak into the kitchen so early, I just have no chance. =/


I’ll be around. I’m sure I’ll say more. I’m glad there’s a technique for slowing down your thoughts before posting (filtering “”), but I also don’t know if I always need it. I get blamed a lot when the criminal is on the other side of the screen.



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