I wonder if I’m going to kill myself tonight.

Wow. First time I’ve ever thought that.

Mom is being a hypocrit and watching the movie dad started in the living room. Avatar. She hates him but she decided to watch together. I guess that is called being kind. But I’m too damaged to be capable of that. Also he’ll be no worse off if I don’t watch. They sure do want me though.

ZOmbies. THey, zombies, family, want me.
This is what the brothers escaped.

So why did mom wake up? I thought she was supposed to take care of me?

She’s so neglectful.

She’s always been a neglectful mom.

The TV is talking in my brain again now.

I’m so abused scarred and dead.

I dn’t know what to do.

Disturbing imagery.

I’m so scared.

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