Talking to mom is impossible. She is so bigoted, biased, and just all around belligerent and opinionated. IT’s astounding how little information she reall has adn how ginormously she’s inflated her ego. She likes poking people in the most painful way. I can’t communicate with her, I can’t live with her, I don’t know what to do. We’ll like discuss this with my therapist. Wow. It’s such a waste of time. She’s such a liar. She loves making me feel like shit. I do’t know what he rpblems is.

I don’t like her. She is not a good mother or human being.

But that is fanily. Some you do not get along with. Some are in fact bad huma beings. Some are not wortht he time. You get rid of those, you get those out fo your life, at all cost, it takes time and effort but you do it, and you move on and live alnoe, happily.

I am at square one right now. Incredible fucking pain.

Nick, yu’re my mom 2.0.


People do not understand how big of a problem they are to me.

I guess I’m just bad at identifying who is capable of change and who isnt.


I am slated for a lot of pain and thgere is nothing that cna change that for years to come?

This is what the fates are syaing.



I’ll get by.

Fuck you.

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