What do doctors care about more: People who pay them a lot of money, or people who threaten them with gun violence? It’s a joke.

I guess by people I mean patients.

My mom was incredibly evil tonight. No one has schizophrenia or the nonexistent derivatives. They just have shitty lives, family, support groups, surroundings, etc. etc. There are things IN THEIR IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT that fucking try to kill them and do them harm. And for some reason the shitty inhuman sociopaths who surround that channel just make it worse, enable it, don’t report it, don’t help. They are called enablers. But it can be super subtle. Trust me.

The whole social scene around a 60 year old Ukrainian woman in the US is not bound to be very good. =/

Not sure why I surrounded myself with that. Bound to kill me. And it will hurt along the way. Huzzah!

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