I don’t know how to talk about this without giving myself away. I guess it just can’t be special.

Autism is this thing. It can be so painful. They say parents of children with autism are some of the most amazing powerful people on Earth. I believe it.

I don’t know anyone like this directly. But… it’s hard. It’s hard to say. There are ties. To the community. And from what I hear online, anyway, it’s really gut-wrenthcing.

I’ve been indulging my poetry lately. My 2nd book is ready. I need my friend and mom to edit it. This is gonna take a while cuz it’s 100 pages long!!! =D

I just want to have a good time and I guess no one’s stopping me, and I guess that’s true, and I can’t blame my shit on anyone else. I always thought they were dragging me down.

They are. But. Let’s all just collectively pretend they aren’t, and I’ll be none the worse off. ;-)

Pets. Pets are a thing.

Love. Caring for relatives. I don’t know. I have family. I know I guess. But I don’t often get mushy about it! Jesus, relax, folks!


Oh also, some dogs are really ugly, but their owners think they’re cute. So good luck stomaching that shit.

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