…Good Morning…

I told my doc, my psychiatrist, I need some time off work, but I don’t think I qualify now that I think on it, and I would need to consult with my mama. They for sure won’t hire me perm if I do it this way. I got to work through it. I have to sacrifice my health a little.

I woke up feeling pretty sharp. I had a half-awake dream that I was craft-making cryptographically identical blankets with keyholes in them for use as protectants. It’s a totally unexplored market.

I think it’s either the coffee from yesterday that has me feeling this way now, or the meds starting to take effects.

I shouldn’t talk about it on here. People will get ideas, and die, and I will be liable. ALWAYS listen to your doctor. ALWAYS. I am NOT a medical professional! Dear Lord Christ. I’m so sorry. Wow.

But having said that I am starting to enjoy some edge to my thought, the good kind, with the increased Depakote, and I also increased the Risperdal recently gradually. These two should help. You get a feel for it after a while. But I’m being dumb. I should just ask my doc!

Some crises, though, man… some crises…

ERERERERERER what is wrong with me go to the ERERERERERE.


Well in any case. Those crypto blankets, crafted IRL, are going for a bundle. Order now and be safe and secure forever!


Good morning, amidst the chaos (or order, depending on where you are),


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